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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A New Beginning...

A day late and a dollar short; such is the life of a cartoonist. 

With Tuesday’s update we see the Geek’s traveling to their new abode with Clayton narrating the ride. 

For me this was a fun strip to do. No only was it a multi-panel but I got to experiment with a few different effects including trying to mimic the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope including the title crawl and even the start screen for the DVD. 

It won’t be long before that first panel makes me feel old when kids don’t recognize it.

Just remember, when Star Wars Episode one, the first of the prequels came out for home video, George Lucas was still refusing to put it on DVD because he wasn’t sure about this new technology.

I bought it on VHS. Feel old? I am old.

The strip is a bit blurry because I didn’t have a higher resolution one saved. The original strip was saved at 72 DPI and most of the published strips are at 96 DPI. I upscaled it to make it readable but it left it a bit blurry.

Clayton was our original comic colourist but I was, at the time, a dab hand at the wacom tablet myself. This is one of the few MTG strips that I coloured using Clay’s pallet. 

The title crawl was challenging because if I mimicked the original cant of the crawl it would have been unreadable. I know it’s inconsistently angled but it was the only way to ensure it was legible. 

The backgrounds were digitally rendered with the exception of the last panel which, i believe, was a blurred photograph taken by Sean or myself.

I also forgot to mask out the original date and the website address at the bottom.

Paraverse was meant to be a Winnipeg comic publisher, run by Clayton and Sean, with contributions from Winnipeg Artists in a shared universe with Winnipeg as it’s central point. Like so many youthful dreams that project soon crashed and burned. 

But it’s a story for another time. 

~Brother K’Bob