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Monday, 17 July 2017


Been awful quiet around here, hey folks?

But now life is again starting to settle and I might have a bit of time to dedicate to side projects and maybe - just maybe - starting to draw again.

But until that point, I have another plan....

My parents introduced me to those little interlocking bricks from Denmark that, since the 1960's, has been holding the attention of generations of children, young and old alike. Many of the first sets that I received from my folks were the space sets which were popular at the time.

Flash forward thirty odd years and many of those old pieces are now in the possession of my oldest son Riley. I never got rid of those brick sets. Sure, many pieces have been broken or lost to the ages but I still have much of that old LEGO.

I had the idea, as a bonding experience between Riley and I, to try to recreate - or rather rebuild - at least one of those old sets.

It's going to involve going through the pieces that we have and trying to source out the pieces that are missing.

I'm aiming to rebuild this set. The instructions are available on with a link to a parts list on
picture credit: brick
I'll be documenting the build over the course of the coming weeks and maybe months as we tackle this old set and maybe look at what else we have that we can maybe create.

Stay tuned!

~Brother K'Bob

You'll be able to follow the progress here or on my other blog 359 Days to Keycon.

There will be video published on Youtube as well. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A New Beginning...

A day late and a dollar short; such is the life of a cartoonist. 

With Tuesday’s update we see the Geek’s traveling to their new abode with Clayton narrating the ride. 

For me this was a fun strip to do. No only was it a multi-panel but I got to experiment with a few different effects including trying to mimic the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope including the title crawl and even the start screen for the DVD. 

It won’t be long before that first panel makes me feel old when kids don’t recognize it.

Just remember, when Star Wars Episode one, the first of the prequels came out for home video, George Lucas was still refusing to put it on DVD because he wasn’t sure about this new technology.

I bought it on VHS. Feel old? I am old.

The strip is a bit blurry because I didn’t have a higher resolution one saved. The original strip was saved at 72 DPI and most of the published strips are at 96 DPI. I upscaled it to make it readable but it left it a bit blurry.

Clayton was our original comic colourist but I was, at the time, a dab hand at the wacom tablet myself. This is one of the few MTG strips that I coloured using Clay’s pallet. 

The title crawl was challenging because if I mimicked the original cant of the crawl it would have been unreadable. I know it’s inconsistently angled but it was the only way to ensure it was legible. 

The backgrounds were digitally rendered with the exception of the last panel which, i believe, was a blurred photograph taken by Sean or myself.

I also forgot to mask out the original date and the website address at the bottom.

Paraverse was meant to be a Winnipeg comic publisher, run by Clayton and Sean, with contributions from Winnipeg Artists in a shared universe with Winnipeg as it’s central point. Like so many youthful dreams that project soon crashed and burned. 

But it’s a story for another time. 

~Brother K’Bob

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Even back in 2007 I knew there would be troll’s. I knew exactly what those shite disturbers that you find on every website would be saying.

They would be sitting at their keyboards, hat’s backward on their heads, White plastic framed sunglasses over their eyes and a sense of entitlement in their black little hearts, guffawing to themselves as they typed out their devious little message:


So why not beat them to the punch?

Thing’s were moving right along here as we prepared to start on our first story arc, that of the Geek’s moving into their new digs.

The tripod gag was actually written by Clay and inserted into the strip. I would like to claim responsibility for it but that zinger was all him.

By this time Clay was getting more and more adept at the coloring and inserting other elements and I was, and still am, by the polish that his coloring jobs put on the strips. I’m going to have to brush up on my coloring skills to bring my A game when we start looking at resuming in a couple of months.

Until then, appreciate that, in the final panel, Clayton was having to look directly into Corey’s package. That alone should put a smile on your face, or make you shudder in sympathy.

~Brother K’Bob

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Procrastinators Unite... Tomorrow,,,

One more from the politically incorrect pile. Hey, back in 2007 the word 'Tranny' still flew. Nowadays I would probably use 'Ladyboy' as the punchline.

This was an actual last minute comic that I submitted to Clay when he asked if I had an update for that week. I was at my folks place and quickly drew the stick figures in ball point pen on a piece of lined paper before scanning it and e-mailing it off to Clayton with the hastily written script and telling him to just put the same picture in all four panels.

It was Clayton's idea to remove Sean's mouth in the third panel which I think gave a nice beat before the punchline in panel four. 

This is in a way one of my favorite strips. I understand the simplicity that draws people to Cyanide and Happiness or XKCD. Simple comics that rely on the humor, dark as it may be, and not the artwork.

Not that I would ever put my gag writing in the same sphere as those comics. I'm simply not that much of a genius. I can admit it. I'm humble. 

I should point out for haters out there that myself and the geeks fully support the LGBTTQ* community. 

This comes as a mea culpa for this and the following strip. I might not be homophobic, but I ain’t politically correct either. 

We’re running down to the end of the original run of strips. Now I find myself looking at a sink or swim situation. There may be a pause after the final strips are published. There are a couple of strips that will be uploaded for interests sake. One great guest strip by an early supporter and beloved friend.

The blog will continue as we move forward into this year and as I work on getting caught up on the missed blogs on previously published strips. 

Much to do. 


~Brother K’Bob

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Anybody who knows me knows that I loves me some Bloom County and I loves me some metal. In fact, metal is what initially caught my eye in Bloom County.

I first noticed Bloom County in the funnies when I was an aspiring young cartoonist and a teenage metalhead (I blame my parents) ((No, seriously. When my parents bought me my first walkman they gave me Twisted Sister's Stay Hungry album with it.)) (((Years later they bought me a stereo and a copy of Metallica's ...And Justice For All. It's all their fault. Before that I was listening to Duran Duran, Gowan and other top forty wonders))) and Berkley Breathed (he stopped calling himself Berke when he found out it was slang for female genitalia in the UK) had started the Deathtöngue story arc.

I was excited, to say the least, that a comic strip had a story about a metal band and quickly became enamoured with the comic and all it contained. 

So years later Bloom County still holds a special place in my heart. Years and years later, as an aging metalhead, Disturbed would come out with their interpretation of The Sound of Silence and immediately the above comic came to mind. I think Steve may have missed out on an opportunity.

Mr. Breathed was prophetic in some things:

Star Wars: The Unspeakable Prequel, was released in 1999.

But, apparently, Berkley Breathed wasn't able to see the potential of Simon and Garfunkel's catalogue for metal covers.

Billy and the Boinger's loss and Disturbed's gain.

C'est la vie...

~Brother K'Bob 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Isn't it ironic, don't ya think...

Someone needs to school Alanis Morissette on irony, but there was a certain irony going on with this comic as well.

Aside from the Mystery Science Theater reference, behind the scenes I was falling behind on my duties as writer and artist of the comic and Clay found himself having to scramble to fill in, thus the Geekstery Science Theater was born. Four heads in silhouette taking the piss out of a movie.

Honestly, I wish I had thought of it.

Meanwhile I was still un-medicated and my depression was getting the better of me so nothing new was getting done on the comic from my end. I recall giving Sean and Clay some concern for my well being at the time.

It was around this time that the original comic started to really fall apart.

But, it's a new year and a new beginning! I want to thank everyone who's come back to check out the blog following the holiday break (because it was totally planned - yeah, right) and to assure you that the blog and the comic will continue in the new year. Check back as I get the blogs up for the past couple of comics in the coming weeks and where I will hopefully be getting some reviews up both from myself and maybe even from the other geeks!

I'm looking forward to the upcoming months! I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year!

~Brother K'Bob