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Been awful quiet around here, hey folks? But now life is again starting to settle and I might have a bit of time to dedicate to side projects and maybe - just maybe - starting to draw again. But until that point, I have another plan.... My parents introduced me to those little interlocking bricks from Denmark that, since the 1960's, has been holding the attention of generations of children, young and old alike. Many of the first sets that I received from my folks were the space sets which were popular at the time. Flash forward thirty odd years and many of those old pieces are now in the possession of my oldest son Riley. I never got rid of those brick sets. Sure, many pieces have been broken or lost to the ages but I still have much of that old LEGO. I had the idea, as a bonding experience between Riley and I, to try to recreate - or rather rebuild - at least one of those old sets. It's going to involve going through the pieces that we have and trying to source out