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Phantasy Star

  I've never really considered myself a gamer, certainly not by the standards of todays professional or even casual game players, but back in the day, with the Sega Master System, there was one game that I stubbornly played my way through. Even though it took a couple of years if I remember correctly. That game was an early RPG; Phantasy Star This past Christmas the WifeGeek and I bought the Nintendo switch as a family present. Of course the kids and wife all found games readily that they wanted to play on it. Not myself though. There wasn't anything that immediately grabbed my interest so I was content to let them play.  Then my wife started playing Stardew Valley. Jokes about being a Stardew widower aside, the 8 bit graphics immediately reminded me of Phantasy Star and an idea was born. So I started looking online, found a Sega emulator for PC but couldn't find a download of Phantasy Star 1. (There have been several sequels to the game). Eventually I found out that it is

MTG... Meet the Geeks? No! Magic the Gathering!

  Let's go way back into the far-flung past and visit a young CoreyGeek. I really can't remember when I first found out about Magic the Gathering but I do remember that I bought my first deck from our local 7-11. I didn't know much about it but I would learn. There were many an evening where myself and a friend would be slinging cards, in his basement or mine, playing multiple games per evening. I recall having an affinity for Black and remember being told, no, you can't play your plague-rat deck.  Buzzkill. I played for several years into my twenties until my attentions were drawn elsewhere and I eventually stopped playing altogether. Now at forty-six I found myself at local game store  Amuse N Games  picking up a couple of Planeswalker decks and being utterly confused at the transformation that the game has undergone in the last thirty years.  To be frank I never would have imagined that the Game, made by Wizards of the Coast, would remain so popular for this amount o

A new year and more updates?

 Hey Geeks.  Things have been a little quiet around here lately but I'm hoping to change that this year. Obviously 2020 was a shit show but things appear to be looking up for 2021.  So firstly, the bad news. Late last year I decided to discontinue our comic Meet the Geeks. I have been finding it harder and harder to connect with the characters which were 20 something versions of ourselves. It was also difficult to find time and the energy to write, draw, ink and colour the comics while juggling my home life, other budding interests and work. It wasn't an easy decision but ultimately I think it will prove to be the correct one. Now, as for this years projects. I am working on producing an audiobook version of a friends, uhm... comedic erotica... book (yes it's smut). I'm hoping that by the middle of this year covid takes a running leap off of a short pier and I can get a cast together to record this thing. In the meantime I'm teaching myself a few new skills which I