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Seanorama from the SeanGeek Podcast

I have rarely felt so energized. I just finished editing two long episodes of the podcast, both of which featured my bro by blood Todd (also known as FastFretFingers on the show) and my other bro, not by blood, but by sweat and tears, Corey Toews. We had decided to do these episodes once a month or so and they have been so much fun that afterwards I feel like I am riding on this buzz that takes weeks to dissipate. And I wonder how much trouble we would get into if we had the entire cast with Voicesbytracy on hand. It would be a riotfest, no doubt. We have so many plans coming up for this year that, under any other circumstance, would be overwhelming and scary. But because it is with these two, that all I do is look forward to each thing we are tackling. I love doing the podcast. I really do. I have been doing this thing for so long now, that it has become comfortable, fun and one of my favourite things. And we are just getting started. We plan to open the store this year,