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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Thinking of Riley

On Friday May 29th our lives changed forever.

I woke up at my mothers urging, laying on the spare bed at my mothers apartment, groggy from the wine the previous evening. 

Friday evenings have become a tradition since our youngest's birth. Spending the evening at my parents, drinking wine and visiting with Hunter. It's become more important to me since my fathers passing early last year. And Friday evening seemed like any other. 

What I didn't know was, during that time, our oldest child Riley had become unresponsive at his group home. An ambulance was called and Riley was being admitted to the Children's ICU at the Health Sciences Center. Jenn was called and informed and, with the help of one of our close friends, went down to stay with him.

I found this all out the next morning. 

And ultimately there was nothing that I could do other than pack a bag of necessities for Jenn and drop it off on the main floor. Because of the current Covid 19 pandemic I am not allowed to see Riley or Jenn until she leaves the hospital.

It's been four days now. Four days that I haven't seen my wife in the flesh. Four days where Jenn's entire life has been a single hospital room, not allowed to leave until the Covid tests come back negative. If she leaves she cannot return. 

Riley has been diagnosed with complications arising from diabetic ketoacidosis and pancreatitus. His brain is swollen and he has a fever. He currently lays on a hospital bed in a condition that I will not describe. His two beloved stuffed Pikachu's lie in the crook of his arm.

We have been warned that there may be damage to his brain. That should he regain consciousness he may not be the same person. 

I've been puttering around the house. I managed to get some work done in the back yard, cleaning up the branches and in the back. Tomorrow friends will come down to help me a bit more with the cleanup. I can't even do laundry because the breaker trips every time I try to run the dryer. 

I can't even concentrate enough to work on the comic. 

So to those that still read these posts, thank you for your support and please be patient while my family works through this difficult time. The comic will return at some point once we can start moving on in whatever form our lives take at that time. 

Until then please keep a little boy in your thoughts and if you are so inclined pray for him. 

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Oh yeah, that's a strip

Sometimes the strips featured on Meet the Geeks are based on reality. And often I find myself in these moments quoting Clay "aannnd... That's a strip" 
Take last night for example. 
Spring and I have a love/hate relationship. I love spring for the resurrection of life, fewer bugs and cooler pre-summer temperatures. I hate spring because of my allergies, and they have been acting up with a vengeance. 
Last night I was sent to bed by my wife around 7:30. I was exhausted and in need of a good, solid nights sleep. 
After crawling into bed and dozing for a bit I started feeling the first tickles of an itch forming. I tried to ignore it.
But sometimes it just feels so damned satisfying to scratch. And scratch I did. 
For the next several hours. 
It got to the point that I was trying to draw blood because pain is better than those itches. The ones at your joints. The ones that scurry around under your skin as your scratching fingers desperately chase them around your body. I finally put some skin creme on and, after 11, fell into a restless sleep. 
But sometimes the best comedy comes from life. Those little moments that anyone can relate to.
Those moments that make you say "aannnd... That's a strip"

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Ambitions? What ambitions?

Instead of a single panel strip today I'm bringing you what is hopefully the last "lost" strip from the original run of Meet the Geeks.

This weekend I'm planning on revamping the comic page, moving the The Creative Process strips over to their own page and putting the comics in their published order. In the case of the duplicate strips I'm... well... I'll figure that out later. 

I'm also planning on journalling on our Blogger site again with the goings on of my journey.

Stay tuned Geeks!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Season 7, Episode 4 – A Review of Graveyard Mind by Chadwick Ginther

reviews Graveyard Mind, the latest by
author Chadwick Ginther. Here is a brief synopsis of the book from the back

Winnipeg’s underworld, every mortician is on the take and every revenant of
myth waits to claw their way out of their tombs. The dead stay in the ground
because of Winter Murray, a necromancer of the Compact. A victim of abduction
and a criminal herself, Winter stalks Winnipeg’s Graveside, preventing larger,
more heinous crimes from spilling over into the lives of the Sunsiders, no
matter what laws of gods and men she must break to do so. Winter is a chimera,
sharing the genetic material of her own never-born fraternal twin sister. Her
dead twin’s essence provides her a link to the Kingdom―the land of the dead―and
a tie to a past she’s run from for thirteen years. Winter struggles to find a
redemption she doesn’t believe she deserves. The temptation of dirty deeds is
everywhere: An animated skeleton with a penchant for wearing dead men’s clothes
wants her on his payroll. Her deceased, but not gone mentor, still pushes her
to take the easy way by being hard. A composite man assembled from soldiers who
still puts boot to ass when Winter demands. A vampire that wants just a taste.
Each pulls at Winter ensuring a normal life remains eternally out of reach, and
the easy way is anything but.”

You can find
Chadwick here:

Here is the home
of the publisher:

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the Geeks

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Season 7, Episode 4 – A Review of Graveyard Mind by Chadwick Ginther

Monday, 29 April 2019

Season 7, Episode 2 – 5 Faces of Geek

Meet The
Geeks hooks up with JP Bifana Boy and talk about their 5 Faces of Geek. The
talks revolve around classic cartoons, standup comedy, anime, and the
importance of music in everyone's lives and the empowerment it provides.

You can check
out JP over @Bifanaboy204 on Instagram.

#opera #classical #theflintstones #adamsandler #waterboy #happygilmore
#billymadison #chuckandtodd #50firstdates #standupcomedy #anime #captainharlock
#robotech #stratocaster #telecaster #vanhalen #rush #snoopdogg #boyziimen
#coolio #pmrc #warreng #tupac #talibkweli #theroots #publicenemy #nas #icecube 

Season 7, Episode 2 – 5 Faces of Geek

Monday, 22 April 2019

Season 7, Episode 1 – The Geek Out on Wrestling

New season,
new stuff. The studio is complete and we have a special guest on the first
episode of Season 7!

CoreyGeek and Seanorama welcome JP Bifana Boy to the show, where they talk
about wrestling. They discuss the change in the wrestling landscape with the
creation of All Elite Wrestling and the rise of Impact Wrestling; the face of
Independent circuit;  game changers:
Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes; what our Geek
wrestling names would be; entrance themes; Braun Stoman as the new type of Undertaker
of the WWE; the greatness of Bray Wyatt and the misuse of him in WWE; NWA
wrestling from the 70's; uncle Rugged Ronny Gold (@Ronny Gould); how
Adiethylamide’s Blood on The Floor could remake Bray Wyatt; wrestling theme
songs; how Papa Shango was the first wrestler to go over on Ultimate Warrior;
the most illegal move in wrestling; Hulk Hogan's Rock n Wrestling; Spider-Man
from Electric Company; and comic collecting as kids.

#velourtracksuits #desire #church #chairshots #wrestling #wrestlemania
#wwehalloffame #sweden #hockey #aew #chrisjericho #talkisjericho #machoman
#doncallis #killingthetown #undertaker #paulbearer #theurn #housecoats
#thedudfreebird #mrnoodle #keycon #adiethylamide #papashango
#hulkhoganrocknwrestling #electriccompany

Season 7, Episode 1 – The Geek Out on Wrestling

Monday, 15 April 2019

Season 6, Episode 29 – Warners and Sony have a Beef with Apple and Google

Season 6, Episode 29 – Warners and Sony have
a Beef with Apple and Google
Warner Bros
and Sony distribute their digital movie copies through Ultraviolet and Flixter,
but Ultraviolet has decided to shut their doors. If you’ve bought a digital
copy of a Warner Bros or Sony film, you may be out of luck and have to rebuy
the movie.

Seanorama is
livid as he and FastFretFingers discuss why Warner Bros and Sony do not
distribute digital copies through Google or Apple, why “digital copy” is a
misnomer, how the “digital revolution” is a step back instead of a step forward,
and how we as consumers can work through the hurdles the studios throw at us.

There will be
a follow-up to this episode as Warner Bros has been in touch with Seanorama
over his frustration with the digital copy process. Stay tuned and learn how he
may in fact save his digital collection.

#ultraviolet #flixter #digitalcopy
#warnerbros #sonystudios #itunes #apple #google #youtube #disney 

Season 6, Episode 29 – Warners and Sony have a Beef with Apple and Google