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No skinny here

Today's throwback Thursday is the companion piece to Tuesday's offering. Ahh that trip out had some great lines.  Clay and I had no illusions of our weight. It was a bonding point for us both. Go large or go home. So when ordering and the barista asked if he wanted the regular or the "skinny", well, there was only one way he could respond.  That quick wit is why he wound up doing stand-up comedy. I really miss those days. ~Brother K'Bob

Why Sean is our hero

This may surprise you fellow Geeks, but once upon a time Sean was not the responsible husband and father of two that we all know and love. No. There was a time, before his wife Silvy, that he was a smooth pimp. A casanova. A gigalo. A raging man whore! A dirty, dirty SLUT ....  well, maybe that's an exaggeration. But Sean had a way with the ladies. Whether he meant to or not. This is another from the started-but-never-finished files.  On this particular outing Sean, Clay and I went out to a local mall and stopped at a coffee franchise. None of us were really in the mood for coffee but Sean took the cake when ordering. Take away the knowing leer from the picture above and replace it with a naive sheepish look and you'll have what actually happened. The line itself did come from Sean's mouth, but it was delivered earnestly. He genuinely didn't know what he wanted to order. The young lady behind the till didn't take it that way though. As we ma

No taste here....

Sometimes it's just too easy. Yeah there's sophisticated wit. Clean, sober humor. Family jokes that everyone can enjoy. How boring. If you want to find me and my sense of humor, look towards the horizon, past the border of good taste and that's where you'll find me. The idea for this comic came from a co-worker who in describing my sense of humor would say "Here's the line, and Corey's off somewhere waaayyy over there." I'd like to tell him he's wrong but I've been making mom jokes about his mom for the last eight or so years. That's a lot of mom jokes. It's hard. So if you find yourself offended, don't worry, it's all part of the Brother K'Bob experience.... ~Brother K'Bob

Where we started

This was actually the first of the Creative Process strips and probably predates the first of the MTG strips. It was daunting at first, sitting in front of my drawing table, faced with a blank sheet of bristol board, and trying to find my muse. I admit that more often than not the ideas just weren't there.  The style of the comic was stolen from one of my muses. The Devils Panties was one of the first webcomics I was introduced to. It was unintentional that this comic closely mirrors one of the first Devils Panties strips but strangely apropos. I think pretty much every cartoonist goes through this. I eventually started to figure it out and once I got the basic idea out it became simpler to write the strips. However it turned out that it was the drawing of those self said strips that would turn out to be the hard part.  As artists we're our own worst enemies. We never think we're good enough, we never have the time. We have to get other things done. E

The trials and tribulations of meeting our idols

Poor Clayton. We, the Geeks, had attended our first joint convention as a group of comic creators. For Clayton there was even greater excitement as David Prowse, the towering Scotsman behind Vaders mask, was going to be in attendance and Clay couldn't wait to meet his idol. On the first day, while I held down the fort, Clay and Sean went over to David Prowse table to speak with him, take their picture and present him with one of our handouts. There was also a plan to try to get him to say "I'm a pretty, pretty, princess" a'la Jennie Breeden of The Devils Panties . As it turns out it was not to be. I don't know if it was simply an off day or if he had just gotten sick of his lot in life, living off the fleeting fame of being the man behind a mask, but he was anything but pleasant with Clayton and Sean. His manner was standoffish and when presented with our handout he told Clay "I have no use for this". Clayton was crushed. Now, in all

The first of the Throwback Thursdays

Welcome Geeks to the first of the Throwback Thursdays where I (finally) jump on this bandwagon to bring you some history from the far flung past from Generation one of the Geeks. Aside from Meet the Geeks there was also a single panel comic called The Creative Process. The idea behind it was to show some of the jokes that would'n't make it into the comic but that amused us none-the-less.  This one, well... it amused me.  It came from a conversation related to me by a person I'll call Big Gay Rick and his response to an excited question. Other person: "Guess what I got?"  BG Rick: "Syphilis?"   Other person "No." BG Rick "A puppy!?!" Of course I had to continue this conversation in my head which ended with "A puppy with syphilis?" It was funny to me at the time. And to this end I kept trying to find a way to incorporate it into the comic. Unfortunately the other Geek's did'n'