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New Ideas and projects.

I've been eyeing the book Talk to Me: How to Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, and Interview Anyone Like a Pro by Dean Nelson for some time now. However every time I had a little money to spend there was always something else that needed to be picked up or had more value in my mind.   I was delighted then when I found out that the book was available as an audio book via Audible. Even better I had a monthly credit available and no other books in their repetoir were calling out to me. So with a click I am finally getting to, not read, but experience this book on my ride to and from work. It couldn't have come at a better time.  I've been looking for a podcast idea of my own that would allow me to try out my own journalistic skills. It's occurred to me on more than one occasion that I've been very fortunate in my lifetime to have been able to meet and befriend some very talented people. People like Laurie Smith and George Freeman, Lar DeSouza and others.  Init

Brian Toews Interview with Global News 2004-02-10, Winnipeg Manitoba

Some time ago my mother had asked me if there was a way to convert a shoebox of old VHS tapes of my dads old games and interviews to digital format.  We found and purchased a analog to digital converter from and I recently got around to hooking it up to an old VHS player that we fortunately still had and our computer. This is the first interview that I have uploaded using the converter and edited in DaVinci resolve. If you want to skip ahead my fathers interview starts at 1:01:16.  ~CoreyGeek