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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

What sorcery is this!?!

Holy crap! It's a new Meet the Geeks comic!

Yes friends, after an extended absence from the web, I, Brother K'Bob, who is sometimes known by the moniker of Corey Toews, have, in my infinite magnanimity, returned the comic from the dead and brought new light to your lives!

Ok. Never mind that the comic is one that I drew some time ago and put up on my personal Facebook page back on, oh.... June 2, 2015. Mind you it looked a bit different. 

As you can see it's a wee bit different. Over the course of the last year I added some shading, blacks, and lettering. 

In the last few days I've been working at my laptop, trying to turn it into something that I can use to start producing comics with. My attempts to find some of my old programs went bust so I started researching workarounds.

I never imagined that MS Paint, or rather, an add on for Paint, could be a useful tool for doing comic art. While not as slick as Photoshop it's definitely a step up from the basic paint program that Microsoft includes with their OS. 

That done I was able to find my old Graphire Wacom tablet. I was glad to find that the driver off of Wacom's site worked with Windows 10.

I haven't had a full chance to see what is capable of but as you can see it allowed me to create the above comic. The original image was done in my sketchbook in traditional mediums. I then scanned it in on our cheap scanner/printer onto our shared desktop and uploaded the image into my Google drive. From there I transferred it onto my laptop and used to create the borders. 

I downloaded a few comic fonts. The Meet the Geeks logo is a font called Shoguns Clan. The font on the bottom is called Yew Basturd. The Meet the Geeks title font is temporary until I can create something new. 

All this was done this morning.  

I'm planning on sticking with the single panel strip for now. Originally I was planing on returning to the four panel format but I think using the single panel format, which admittedly is less work, will give me a bit more motivation to produce new art.

So with this Meet the Geeks will be returning to the realm of being a webcomic.

Stay tuned for new updates!

~Brother K'Bob

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Remembering Sandra Stewart

A year has passed. It still does'n't seem entirely real.

A year devoid of one of the most dedicated mothers that I have ever met.

If my pain and sadness is real, what must her son be feeling? To have lost a woman who raised you on her own, with no assistance save the loving hands of her family? To have lost the person who wholly, completely, believed in what you could be and encouraged you at every turn? The woman who put your needs and desires ahead of her own because, through her eyes, blinded as they may be by a mothers love, she saw the talent, ability and potential within and gently drew it out pushing you on to follow the path of that which you loved the most?

How must her absence feel?

Today, though I haven't seen him for over a year, my thoughts are with my geek brother Clayton in mourning the loss of his mother Sandra Stewart.

Sandra Stewart

It is because of that dedication, that belief in Clay that the Geek's came about. I can truly say that without her prodding Clayton to follow his love of Star Wars and his desire to shine on whatever platform he wished to perform, Meet the Geeks would never have happened.

For that I am eternally grateful.

I had last talked to Sandy a few weeks before August 18th, 2015. I had called her home to speak with Clayton. My now wife and I were preparing wedding invitations to send out and I needed their address so I could send one for Clayton and her. It was my fondest wish to have them there on the day my wife and I celebrated our union.

We chatted for a bit and I brought her up to speed on how my life was changing. From angry, depressed alcoholic hermit to husband and father of three.

"You sound happy Corey." I could hear her smile in her voice. "I am." I told her. And I was.

And then that day came. The 18th of August. Clayton woke to find that his mother had passed quietly in the night.

It does'n't seem real. I knew she had been ill. But in my mind she would always be that vital, honest woman. An old hippy. Nothing could shock her.

A comment made during a conversation between Clay and I sums up my memories of her.

Clayton and I were talking about a local escort and would be porn star whose claim to fame was 'squirting'. We were talking about the unreal amount of liquid she produced when Sandy walked out of the kitchen and paused.

"Corey" she said "I'm 58 years old. I've seen a lot and done a lot and let me tell you that no woman ejaculates like that. She's peeing."

And with that final declaration she strode up the stairs while Clay and I chuckled.

That memory always brings a smile to my face. That in a nutshell was Sandy.

I fear I'll never see her like again.

Were I a religious man I would light a candle and offer a prayer. Instead this writing will have to do.

It's a poor offering for so beautiful a soul.

I'm still happy Sandy. Life is going well. I can't wait to tell my young son about you.

But those stories will have to wait until he's old enough to hear them. :)

~Brother K'Bob

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Best of all intentions....

Ah, yes. Best intentions. All projects start off with them. All of us say to ourselves "This time I will see this through".

But, often, and perhaps more often than not, all the good intentions in the world cannot see us through.

But fear not dear reader. As you are seeing this, this proves that I have not forgotten you! I just need to peel myself out from under the mess that I have created for myself.

"What mess is that K'Bob?" You ask?  Simply put, too many projects on the go and not enough time for reading and research. 

And often just never enough energy.

But I am here.  I shall prevail. And hopefully I'll learn to stop making excuses. 

Bear with me messes and all.

May the Dude be with you.

~Brother K'Bob