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Reuniting the Geeks

Sunday morning at #Keycon35 and I just pulled myself out of bed and  came down to the fifteenth floor to my preferred place to sit and write. Last nights panel, a reunion of Alumni of The Evil Within, went off much better than I could have expected. Despite a couple of slight mis-steps we managed to pull off a podcast, to be edited later once we find out if the audio is usable, and showed part of the movie. We had several people show up, Matt Vosper, Clayton Stewart, Edgar Governo, Caryn Suderman, Chris Reid, and Jason Kelsch, alum’s that I did not expect to see. It was frankly amazing. We started the panel running through photos from the production and kicking off discussion about the panel. The photos are from Clayton’s personal stash including several of children that are adults now. I honestly thought that Caryn might tear up when we had pictures of her now 17 year old son from when he was two and asking for Blues Clues to be painted on his face. For me the highlight though