New Ideas and projects.

I've been eyeing the book Talk to Me: How to Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, and Interview Anyone Like a Pro by Dean Nelson for some time now. However every time I had a little money to spend there was always something else that needed to be picked up or had more value in my mind.

I was delighted then when I found out that the book was available as an audio book via Audible. Even better I had a monthly credit available and no other books in their repetoir were calling out to me. So with a click I am finally getting to, not read, but experience this book on my ride to and from work.

It couldn't have come at a better time. 

I've been looking for a podcast idea of my own that would allow me to try out my own journalistic skills. It's occurred to me on more than one occasion that I've been very fortunate in my lifetime to have been able to meet and befriend some very talented people. People like Laurie Smith and George Freeman, Lar DeSouza and others. 

Initially I had considered doing a podcast interviewing comic artists but for some reason the idea, while appealing, never really gelled in my mind. 

Then I was contacted by Dr. Jessica Hebert of the Folk/Pop band The PDX Broadsides

Back in November 2019 I received a message from Dr. Hebert via Facebook. She introduced herself as a member of the PDX Broadsides and explained that she had been referred to me as a podcaster or media person for Winnipeg and that the band were, at the time, kickstarting their fifth studio album Relatable Content.

Intrigued I went to their Bandcamp page and began listening to their music and was immediately hooked. The upbeat tempo of the songs, the comedy, the harmony between the singers. And of course a song about Nathan Fillion taking off his pants (Described as "a gentle but urgent plea" by Dr. Hebert).

It wasn't until March of 2021 that I was finally able to interview Dr. Hebert and Christian Lipski with Willow Skylor on Reels & Heels. The interview can be seen below.   

This has led to me starting to look at a string other geeky bands such as The Faithful Sidekicks, The Misbehavin Maidens, and The Doubleclicks. It's also led me to circle back and look at other music, either that I grew up with or was made aware of with my time in Winnipeg's fannish circles. 

Even GWAR can be considered in many ways to be a geek band. 

"Yes. Barbarians from outer space playing heavy metal, joining your comic book nerds and metalheads under one product banner. Your demographics were right on target."
 Quote from Skulhedface 1994 

Music has been a lifelong love of mine. It's been slowly building in my mind for awhile that a series on geek music may be what finally gets me to strike out on my own and start my own podcast.  

So I am tentatively announcing that I am looking to start, within the next month or two, The Geekspin Podcast, a podcast dedicated to geeky music from around North America. 

Join me on this little journey and we'll see where it goes. 


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