A new year and more updates?

 Hey Geeks. 

Things have been a little quiet around here lately but I'm hoping to change that this year.

Obviously 2020 was a shit show but things appear to be looking up for 2021. 

So firstly, the bad news.

Late last year I decided to discontinue our comic Meet the Geeks. I have been finding it harder and harder to connect with the characters which were 20 something versions of ourselves. It was also difficult to find time and the energy to write, draw, ink and colour the comics while juggling my home life, other budding interests and work. It wasn't an easy decision but ultimately I think it will prove to be the correct one.

Now, as for this years projects. I am working on producing an audiobook version of a friends, uhm... comedic erotica... book (yes it's smut). I'm hoping that by the middle of this year covid takes a running leap off of a short pier and I can get a cast together to record this thing. In the meantime I'm teaching myself a few new skills which I am enjoying immensely.  

I'm also starting to learn to write and record commercials for the Seangeek podcast, available for download at seanmcginity.ca, and I'm aiming to be on the show a little more often this year. \

Really the podcast is what's been continuing to carry Meet the Geeks this year so I feel like I should be contributing more. 

Aside from that I really need to get back into the habit of writing again. 

So that's a brief look at what will hopefully be happening this year. Check back regularly for updates. 



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