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Friday, 28 December 2018

It's good to be a Geek - By Seanorama from SeanGeek

Last night we bid adieu to 2018, as the Geeks from SeanGeek got together (minus Voicesbytracy) to talk about all the pivotal points of the last year, from great moments in each of our lives, to Meet The Geeks happenings, to the best episodes of the year on the SeanGeek Podcast.

The Geeks truly are a brotherhood--- screw that a geek-hood. It is a place where I feel totally at home, able to talk about anything that comes up in the most comfortable of places. Between my blood in Todd and time served with Corey, I feel like I have some really great company, people I can implicitly trust with everything. These are great men, people that would do anything for me, and that I only want to reciprocate to.

Despite the challenges we have faced over the last year, our bond reduces the bad to manageable, and brighten the good to greatness. I am truly blessed to have these two in my life.

They aren't my only friends by far. Never forget those sweet things I have in my own home, my wife, a human being so incredible that I laugh all the time with her, and constantly blinded by her kindness. Yes, she is my best friend, and I am better for it. My three little angels, two human babies and one fur-baby, make every challenge worth the fight, and every victory that much sweeter.

I have a great family and a large supporting cast of characters that keep me going. Even the people that are gone have never really left, always there to remind me to count my blessings and to take the challenges positively.

Gang, I am a lucky dude.

It's hard to believe, and feels so long ago, where I was miserable a lot of the time. I was dragged down by insecurity, a self-doubt so paralyzing, that some days I couldn't get out of bed. It is only because of all of these people that I can keep the smile, and truly appreciate what I have, and learn from the experience when stuff goes sideways. It's not always a walk in the park, but I am lucky to be steered right but the good people.

Thanks 2018. Let's make 2019 another year of experience and let's all get another level or two in the great game of life.

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