MTG... Meet the Geeks? No! Magic the Gathering!

  Let's go way back into the far-flung past and visit a young CoreyGeek. I really can't remember when I first found out about Magic the Gathering but I do remember that I bought my first deck from our local 7-11. I didn't know much about it but I would learn.

There were many an evening where myself and a friend would be slinging cards, in his basement or mine, playing multiple games per evening. I recall having an affinity for Black and remember being told, no, you can't play your plague-rat deck. 


I played for several years into my twenties until my attentions were drawn elsewhere and I eventually stopped playing altogether.

Now at forty-six I found myself at local game store Amuse N Games picking up a couple of Planeswalker decks and being utterly confused at the transformation that the game has undergone in the last thirty years. 

To be frank I never would have imagined that the Game, made by Wizards of the Coast, would remain so popular for this amount of time, but here I am, signing up for MTG Arena online and relearning to play. 

The main reason I had decided to get back into it was to find something that my oldest and I could do together and since he has an affinity for Pokemon I felt that this seemed like a natural thing. 

We played a test round yesterday but are both somewhat confused as to how some of the cards work. I've spent some time today watching videos and playing in Arena to refamiliarize myself with the game. 

It's going to be a bit of time to get back into the swing but I feel that it shouldn't be too long before we can start playing in earnest. 

In the meantime, does anyone know how the hell to play Rowan Fearless Sparkmage!?! I'm so confused!!



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